Parts Check

The parts of our transportable modular wine storage systems. In order to view this object you need Flash Player 9+ support!

  1. HANDLES – Each STORViNO® module has two convenient triangular handles for a good grip when transporting your wine, and easy stacking when placing the module onto your storage system. Because we made each module to hold 6 bottles, stacking is easy even with the bottles in the module.
  2. CORK CONNECTOR – It’s time to put those unused corks rolling around in that drawer wherever it is back to work!. We needed an economical, practical, and dependable way to lock each individual tower of STORViNO® modules side by side. Simply push one of your unused corks through the Cork Connector Ports and you’ll notice your system is stabilized and locked to the module next to it. You’re gonna’ love this part, and we bet you’ll show it off to all your friends. (Please see INSTALLATION TIPS on the SPECS PAGE)
  3. STACKING GUIDES – Each STORViNO® module has eight stacking guides. (four on each side) The stacking guides aid in proper and secure placement of each module on top of each other. The stacking guides also act as the primary points of weight distribution allowing for stacking as high as 12 modules per tower without compromise to the modules at the bottom, assuming all modules are full of wine. ( Please see INSTALLATION TIPS on the SPECS PAGE)
  4. CARRIAGE – Each carriage has been designed to hold 750ml bottles of still wine, including Rhone style bottles. We know, because we tested every bottle of Pinot made in Oregon. Those Oregonians really like those big bottles.
  5. CRADLES – What do we do with our sparkling wines, 1.5 litter bottles until we can get some more STORViNO® modules? we ask. Each module in the “resting” position has three individual cradles built into the top to take care of this situation. We love the Sparklers and Large format bottles, too.