The Module

Our wine storage systems are comprised of a collection of modules

First, we’ve got to get your wine home safely. We created STORViNO® in a convenient 6-pack configuration of individual carriages to protect the bottles from impact between each bottle. As a 6-pack of individual carriages, we made transportation light and compact with no more than 18 lbs. of total combined weight of bottles and module. This makes it a lot easier to handle than a full case of wine.

Stacking Guides Lock Together – Scroll below to see in action

STORViNO® wine storage systems are comprised of a collection of STORViNO® modules which can also serve as a transportation system comprised of one or more STORViNO® modules for your wine.
Ahh, now that your wine is home, it needs to “rest”, just like you do after being jostled around all day. We created STORViNO® so that each module securely stacks on top of another via stacking guides. Because each STORViNO® module is in a 6-pack configuration, it allows for higher capacity in irregular storage spaces (smaller cube vs. larger cube).
in systems engineering, modular design — or “modularity in design” — is an approach that subdivides a system into smaller parts (modules) that can be independently created and then used in different systems to drive functionality. — From Wikipedia. the free encyclopedia.